Thursday, January 12, 2017

Seasol "Super Soil Wetter and Conditioner."

Image may contain: plant, outdoor and natureIt's not very often I'll go out of my way to actively promote a product but when I find one that works then I don't giving them a shout out.

The product I'm talking about is Seasol "Super Soil Wetter and Conditioner."

For me I find that during and after the high temperatures of Summer my soil is baked and forms an impervious to water crust. It doesn't matter if I mulch or try break up the crust by cultivating the soil surface, I can't get water to soak in. But after one or two applications of #Seasol "Super Soil Wetter and Conditioner" and all bets are off.

The soil just drinks up any water I apply to the garden and the veggies love it.

Exhibit A. Corn that I recently planted was growing well after three inches of rain but a run of over thirty degree days saw a tough to wet crust form. Fifty millermeters of Seasol in a nine liter watering can applied over the soil serface and we're back in business and the corn is loving the heat.

 So, if, like me, you are having trouble getting your soil to take up the water your putting on your garden then I'd recommend giving some #Seasol "Super Soil Wetter and Conditioner" a go.



Sunday, January 8, 2017


Whoo woo, the corn's a ready.

Somehow on minimum rain and watering I still managed a few cobs of corn (there's more to come).

As far as I'm concerned, even if you've climbed Mt Everest or swum the English Channel, you haven't lived until you've eaten a freshly picked cob of backyard corn.

Oh, and it's still not too late to plant some, though from seed might be a stretch, depending on your climate, but bung in a punnet of seedlings and away you go.



Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas.

Well, it a fine and sunny day here today at My Veggie Garden which, considering it's Christmas day, means I didn't get my Christmas wish.

After next to no useful rainfall since the beginning of Spring and the price of using town water making veggie growing financially unviable I was pinning my hopes on a wet Christmas.

I've only got a small patch of corn and potatoes and a few tomato plants to water but I'm not planting until the weather is a little more conducive to growing.

Merry Christmas from My Veggie Garden and a happy new year.